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What are Good Schools

Generally when we say ‘Good Schools’ we mean ‘Schools whom we have visited and found to conform well with our minimum seven-point criterion, or comes highly recommended as having said criterions.’ We also think that ‘A Good School must provide its Pupils means to elevate in the locus and socially, for today and tomorrow.’

Thus our motto – Know Your Self, Know Your Universe.

Our Good Schools list acts as a guide for our liaison and consultation officers who meet Families who are interested in UK Schooling for their child. As the list is quite subjective at best, both our officers at large and our officials at home office are more than open to suggestions from trusted referrals and referees.

Usually we visit a School first before we list it in our ‘Good Schools’ list. This way we can be absolutely positive in recommending that School to a Prospective Family. Although we started with three Schools in 2009 and now there are over twelve, it still limits our list because we simply cannot visit all the good schools available. So…

  • Referrals will be seriously considered. Trusted Referees always get to push us to include a previously unlisted School. Schools and Colleges can introduce themselves.
  • If a School or College is not in our list and you think it should be, let us know through, we will endeavour to visit the suggested School(s) within a few Months and reply to your email.
  • The ‘Good Schools’ list is continually updated to reflect the Schools that currently conform with our seven-point criterion. As such, for example, a previously listed School can be off the list for a while and reappear again at another time.

What if a Prospective Family chooses a School not in the list?

UKdeenstay will process placements to the prospective’s choice thoroughly and professionally, as always, though not necessarily always list that School in our Good Schools list.

Our Seven Criterions


i. Good Environment – including Pastoral Care
ii. The relevant set of facilities are available and well-maintained
iii. A Good Ratio of Overseas and British Pupils – whether Day School or Boarding

the latter is waived for academic-intensive Colleges, Sixth Form and pre-U’s.


iv. Passionate Educators and Staff – key for all good schools
v. The Ethos of the School held up High, and enforcement of a good set of School Rules
vi. Small Classes and one-to-one, individual Attention
vii. Global, accessible network of Alumni – for now and the future

the latter is waived for academic-intensive Colleges, Sixth Form and pre-U’s.

Send a request to our email above if you want a breakdown of the criterions e.g. one obviously very important breakdown of ‘Passionate Staff’ is ease of communications, for example, how would you feel if you are a Mum in Indonesia not being able to get clear or prompt communications from the School about your Child? UKdeenstay’s ‘School Maintenance’ service is on twenty-four seven, so when a School cannot respond relatively quickly through its recommended channels, then it may very well be not in our Good Schools list, regardless of how good it is in other areas.

UK Map showing current Good Schools’ locations

Key translations…
Jaringan = Network
Diperbaharui = Renewed or Updated
Sekolah = Schools
Bandara = Airports

A post containing our Good Schools list is in the brew – come back again in a couple of days. A link to it will be available by clicking the map above. When the link is up, this paragraph will be erased.

Published 11.mar.16 amended 14.mar.16 © UKdeenstay – Semesta Hadi Racana


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