about the ‘Key Information for Prospectives’ form

How we use your Data

Essentially, we use it to facilitate placements to your School. Data gleaned from your submitted form is used to collate important–often invaluable–information about Your School that could make a difference during consultations with Prospective Families.

How we do it

Every submitted form completed by our partner Schools feeds into a secure database–which is continually collated with other key data–and shared online to our Liaison and Consultation Officers. Our officers in turn then at any given time can access this data to provide KEY INFORMATION to, and answer KEY QUESTIONS from Prospectives, raising the confidence of Parents as well as Prospective Pupils, to eventually decide to: a) School in Britain, b) Pick your School, and c) Expedite necessary processes for registrations and admissions.

Who this form is important to

All schools in our ‘Good Schools’ list is important to have this form to keep their information up-to-date, as such, we will send links or reminders to complete this form, because it will enable us to give the best recommendations and advice to Prospective Families. If you think your School should not be in the list, you can ask us to remove you by email: homeoffice@ukdeenstay.org – Thank You.

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