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We specialise in placement services for Indonesian and Timor Leste (East Timor) residents between three to nineteen years of age to UK Schools and Colleges. One of our missions is to have more Pupils between seven to fifteen years old–in that range is the ‘Golden Age of Education’–to experience UK schooling. For 15 to 19 year olds, more attention is given to Subject Preps and Character Assessments to help Pupils choose the appropiate subjects for their future plans.

What are the benefits of UKd’s services – prologue

During the placement process we personally-match each prospective family to the School and the Guardian. By the end of our consultations and meetings with the family, often two or three schools are shortlisted by the Parents from five or six alternatives that we initially present them. The family is then assisted with everything from translating school reports, collating a student portfolio, do registrations, organise tests and interviews, even up to organising visits to the shortlisted Schools in the UK.

Benefits for Schools

The core benefits are: a) Reliable and unbiased profiles of Prospective Pupils and their Families; b) Time-saving in processing registrations and admissions of new prospectives; c) Complete assurance that families fully understand and agree to the School’s Terms & Conditions as well as the School’s Ethos and Rules; d) Reliable timely payments of fees and extras, whether on acceptance of an offer or subsequent payments; e) Reliable assistive communications between the School, the Guardian and Families.

When Schools make an offer to prospectives – epilogue

Prospective Parents are assisted in going through each offer, when a choice is made we would then help and guide with everything, more often up to a successful Tier-4 Visa application, sometimes more e.g. chaperone service or our ‘School Maintenance’ service. We go to lengths in making everything clear, certain and comfortable for each Prospective Family, even up to making payments to Your School on their behalf and booking airline tickets coupled with well-organised airport departure and pickup for the Pupil.

Our Fees

For our services–irrespective of Agency Fees–we charge prospective families starting from £1,800 for regular placements–all-in including Tier-4 Visa application fees–and for placements including a nine-day visit to the UK for the family, we charge starting from £5,400. This trip is tailored to each family and already includes the basic fees i.e. it is all-in up to Tier-4 Visa. The trip itself is for Mother, Father and Child containing at least three school visits, sometimes with taster days or taster boarding for the pupil.

Depending Agency Fee provisions from a School, prospectives may see a considerable amount refunded–via cashbacks or discounts–from our basic £1,800 regular placements fee.

Agency Fees

UKdeenstay does not require agency fees nor make recommendations based on it. This way all can be certain about us being impartial and fair in our recommendations. This helps keep intact the interests of the Prospective Family, the School, and our own raison-d’etre. However, if a School has an Agency Fee provision, it is advantegous to the School and the Prospective because we issue cashbacks and discounts to Parents. This is a win and win situation for all.

Further advantages can be gained when Agency Fees are provided during subsequent years a Pupil is with you. This will enable us to provide the Family with our ‘School Maintenace’ service which would be of assistance to most Indonesian and Timor Leste families, and indispensible to families who have little or no English.

Being Socially Responsible with UKdeenstay

With each provision received from Families and Schools, a contribution is made to our Bursary Purse, which is aimed to fully sponsor economically disadvanteged and potentially brilliant Students–from the fringes of Indonesia–for two years of UK Schooling. A School can lend a helping hand in this by providing further reductions in fees. Please email to homeoffice@ukdeenstay.org if you are interested.

Newest status of our Bursary Purse :: equivalent to £ 2,312.67.
Latest addition is 12.jun.15 from a ‘Good School Tour’ activity :: equivalent to £ 233.00.
# of Students sent to UK under this initiative to this date 08.mar.16 :: naught (0).
This purse was started in April 2012.

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